by Decipher The Fallen

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released June 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Decipher The Fallen Vacaville, California

Decipher The Fallen is a five piece Metal-core/Progressive Metal band based from the East Bay Area in California. Formed in early 2012, the band quickly began writing songs for their EP “Ambivalence” which released in Mid-2013. Following the release of the EP and search for a new vocalist, the group began demoing songs needed for their debut album “The Departure”. ... more

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Track Name: The Unspoken Strategic Truth
The Unspoken Strategic Truth
Open your eyes See what this world has become Open your eyes Watch as humanity crumbles Open your eyes See through this worlds lies Open your eyes Watch as we all die How can you follow something blindly without hesitation When we're lost in translation You're just playing the game, the game they set for you You're just playing this game, this game they set for you You're just playing that pawn As their knights and bishops Rise to the top As your left at the bottom again The trap that was laid is now sprung They're brainwashing you and your children To believe a lie Carefully crafted, methodically planed To keep you in check for the rest of your life They don't want you to know What's really going on Here's the truth my darling We're all fucked This is the society That we all live in This is the society That we built to keep us safe And I'll be sorry I left you As I walked away
Track Name: Empty Lies From Broken Promises
Empty Lies From Broken Promises
You're just contributing to the decay of life People like you who feel the need To spread their lies Like a fucking disease Lets all invent something Follow it till our death You all make me sick With your constant preaching You shove your views down our throats Screaming nothing else is right How can you pass judgment Who gave you that right Tell me why you think you're fit To judge other human beings You're following something you can't conceive You're just a tool used for their schemes Can't you see your soul is under control Look alive before you behold This is the end of humanity We can't advance with these backwards thoughts We can't advance without a cost I'll dig your grave six feet deep Beat you senseless, throw you in Burry you bareley breathing, this is the end
Track Name: The Next Chapter Starts Now
The Next Chapter Starts Now
Stand up and revolt Against this society That's imprisoned us With something called economy
Can't you see we've done this to ourselves Can't you see we're the one to set us free From an imprisoned state Of unhappiness and greed We're controlled by an archaic system That's long outlast its purpose We need something new To take its decrepit space
Something that will save this dying nation Over run by social control and fame We're right we're they want us Stupid and dumb chasing unattainable dreams As they do what they seem fit To sustain a war economy Pillaging innocent countries In the name of freedom This was the game Since day one
When they've caged there own kind They hold no shame
My eyes aren't blind anymore I hope you see the truth It's right in front of you
Track Name: We're Aware We're Children
We're Aware We're Children
Stop! It with these mind games I've had enough from you bitches I can't take this again I won't stand for this shit
My plate is full with this sort of thing Why can't I find something real Is this a test or my unholy fate
Let me, break it, down for You my little darling cus I want you in my pocket now!
Is nothing sacred anymore You're just a filthy fucking whore Do you want just a little fling or something more I'm tired of trying to decode everything you say Make up your mind You're to indecisive it kills me This seems like a common trait amongst your kind Why must we play these games Tugging and pulling on our heart strings As if, nothing, is wrong, this is, what you, prolonged My heart, beating, with yours
Girl so what if I bite Just stay here one more night What more can I say Don't let your heart lead the way You want this don't lie
Why can't we accept happiness These barriers we create are meant to be down Why can't we get close Without hurting ourselves Why can't we get close Without hurting someone else
Track Name: As Truth Be Told, We're Liars
As Truth Be Told, We're Liars
Shut your fucking mouth It's my turn to speak Your turn to listen For the first time in your life Your just a fucking bitch A worthless sack of shit Just look at you, you're a mess Constantly worrying about your appearance They've got your mind wired To a machine that tells you You're not pretty, you're fat, and ugly Why do you listen Keep going down the path the media tells you Following a warped image of the truth You're trying to achieve something that's hopeless A plastic standard of beauty A fucking plastic standard of beauty Can't you see you're beautiful baby You're trying to achieve something that's hopeless You're just killing yourself, slowly killing yourself, you're just killing yourself And I'm tired of hearing, your fucking lies And you're begging for handouts, even though you look fine Keep putting yourself down, see where it gets you Your vanity doesn't mean a thing Accept yourself for who you are Or no one else will Baby darling when you look in the mirror are you truly that disappointed? Do you even see what we see? Or do you see something else? A beast in human clothing Do you see something else
Track Name: Ghonasyphiherpalaidia
You once told me you loved me Was it all a lie A relationship built without trust A foundation of lies and deceit Were you just using me for your own gain Because that's what it seems Did you tell every other guy The same things you told me How can you live with yourself Telling all these lies you sell You use other people to get what you want And don't test me, I've got nothing to say, no You once told me, you loved me Was it all a lie How can you look in the mirror, everyday of your fucked up life How can you betray Your friends in an instant Without a reason why You only care about yourself Don't ask why people hate you Cus you don't want to realize You think your perfect, the news is in, no one is I hope you realize your faults one day Cus if you don't a cold place in hell awaits your tormented soul For everything you've done